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Why you should read a print newspaper

A lot of what I do for the newspaper centers around work online. I have some print sections that are my department’s responsibility, too, but when I talk about work on this blog, it’s usually about some online project or another.
That said, I really, really enjoy reading print newspapers myself, and I think everyone else should, too.
There are probably good journalistic and business and convenience reasons I could list, but instead, we’ll go with this fun handout I found while digging through some old papers.
It’s called: Extra Extra: Read all about the many uses for newspaper!
Some of the uses included:
– To slow-ripen tomatoes, wrap them in newspaper, put them in an airtight container and sit them in a dark cabinet or closet at room temperature.
– To dry and polish windows, use crumpled newspaper instead of paper towels.
– To clean the residue from your oven after you run the self-cleaning cycle, use moistened, crumpled newspaper.
– Add moderate amounts of wet, shredded newsprint (black ink only) to compost; it reduces odor and gives earthworms a treat. (Hey, my husband does this!)
– Create an emergency splint by folding several sheets of newspaper until stiff and attaching it to a broken limb using tape.
Any other uses for the paper (once you’ve read it, of course?)

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