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Why my husband loves Joan’s blog

Hi all. my husband here!

Joan is really under the weather today. (Send her some good cheer in the Comments section!) But she was kind of bummed that her Ripken-esque streak of daily blogs was going to come to an end.

My solution? A guest post!

I don’t have any original content. I just wanted to rave about how Only In York County, which has been around since June 2007, has become a vast and wonderful reservoir of York County history and knowledge.

Need an example? I was looking for some information on shoo-fly pie recently, and I figured Only in York County’s archives could help me out. Indeed, a quick Google search found (at least) three entries by Joan on the topic of shoo-fly pie:

October 19, 2008: Shoo-fly fun
October 26, 2008: Shoo-fly redux
October 17, 2009: A special recipe for shoo-fly pie

It’s a veritable pie archive, thanks to Only in York County (and all of you wonderful commenters).

So, does anyone have any new pie recipes they want to share? This is the place!

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