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Why my husband is great

I pick on my husband all the time on the blog.

But Chris is a great guy, and if I’m going to tell all of York County about him, I think it’s only fair that I share this GOOD story that sums up why I’m so lucky to have him.

Last Wednesday was a busy day – Sarah had tennis lessons in the morning, we needed to buy some books from a woman in Dover Township in the morning, we in turn had people coming over to buy some books from us in the afternoon and evening, and we wanted to go to the Women of Today fun fest in Dover.

Sarah, a day or so before, ended up with a killer ding on her nose. I say bug bite, because it’s either that or a world-record-sized pimple, which I doubt, but either way, it was a mess. She had scratched at it in her sleep, it looked kind of infected, and it was just huge. So, being a good mom, I took a tissue and tried to get off the ickiness. Yes, I know that’s gross. But bear with me.

She cried. She said it hurt, and since I hadn’t TOLD her what I was going to do, I wasn’t surprised. I offered to get a Bandaid, but she was a little dubious about letting me near her again. So, I said, that’s OK, “Daddy can put it on for you!” So he did, and that was fine, but then she started to wonder about how it looked, you know, with a big ol’ Bandaid on her face.

Hubby is a genius. And a very loving person. “Hey, Sarah!” he said. “Do you think I should put a Bandaid on my nose too?” She looked at him kind of funny. “I have special nose Bandaids upstairs!” he added. Well, of course, this made her giggle, and she says, yeah, go get one!

So he did, and came back with his “nose Bandaid” on. I didn’t think much of it – until later, when I realized that he’d worn it to sell books to people at our house, worn it to the Women of Today carnival, and worn it to Palasta for dinner.

There they are: Sarah with a Bandaid, and Chris with his “nose Bandaid” – one of the Breathe-Right strips he wears at night sometimes to help him not snore.

They named themselves the “Bandaid twins.”

Now isn’t that a good dad?

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