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Whoopie pies, always a cream-filled favorite

Remember when I asked what whoopie pie type was your favorite?

Tracey says, “Classic is my favorite, but red velvet is a nice change of pace and since it’s hard to find when you’re out and about you have to grab them when you see them!”

That was interesting, because when we stopped at the Gruver’s Bakery stand at the fair, they were totally out of red velvet; they said it went super-fast.

While talking to a friend, Bev K., she mentioned that when she used to baby-sit in her home, the kids once wanted to make whoopie pies. She had no recipe (and this was before The Google), so she made chocolate cookies and spread marshmallow fluff between them. “The kids liked them, so I figured, hey, whatever!” she said.

Mark, who has been living in San Francisco for about nine years, said he’s originally from Adams County. He writes, “I’d been craving whoopie pies; after all, nobody here had heard of them … at least til last year. Another Pennsylvania expat started a ‘gob’ business (he’s from Western PA, naturally) and he’s become a local sensation! He’s come up with some pretty fantastic flavor combinations. Check ’em out!” The site he’s referring to is

I’d mentioned in a previous post that calling them “gobs” was new to me, but thankfully I figured it out before I got Mark’s note!

Does anyone know of any sites that do “mail-order” whoopie pies, so we can help some more of our “ex-patriates” get their sweetness fix?

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