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Whoopie pie varieties

Remember how I asked a while back about your favorite whoopie pie flavors?

Well, Dianne mentioned they’re one of her favorites; she says she likes to add peanut butter to the filling mix. She found a recipe for “Classic Chocolate Whoopie Pies,” complete with step-by-step photos, via King Arthur Flour. (That’s their recipe photo with this entry!)

Lorie said chocolate with peanut butter is her favorite (a woman after my my husband’s heart, I think!) but adds: “the kids love pumpkin whoopie pies.” Her favorite place to get them made me laugh; she said “my kitchen.” OK, we’ll come visit! 🙂

She also mentioned that in Pittsburgh, they’re known as “Gobs,” which I totally didn’t know!

So, any other recommendations? Do you guys like the red velvet ones? Or the ones with the yellow cake instead of the chocolate outside?

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