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Mail call: A really interesting White Swan memory from Herman Myers

We’ve certainly talked before about The White Swan, which was at 4155 W. Market St., West Manchester Township, between the Route 616 turnoff and the Route 116 turnoff.

There was this Oct. 6 post with memories from a former White Swan employee, this June 3 letter from “pen pal” Yvonne, who frequented it and this May 25 post featuring some of the history of the construction of the White Swan.

Today’s letter, though, tells about a particularly interesting event in the White Swan’s past, and it comes from Herman Myers of West Manchester Township.

Herm writes, “Over the last several months I have read with great interest about various diners etc. in and around York Co. In early 1970 my daughter who was about 10 years old and I would go to the White Swan diner for lunch. On this particular day she asked me if she could have chicken. As much as I tried to have a hot dog or hamburger, she insisted on chicken, so we both ordered chicken.”

He continues, “The walk-in freezer was not directly entered from the diner, so the waitress had to go outside to get in the freezer. Suddenly there was a loud scream and we all ran out back to see what was wrong and discovered that a delivery man was locked in the freezer and was near freezing to death. Neither the buzzer or latch would work and he couldn’t get out.”

“I have often wondered,” he added, “if that waitress is still around or anyone who witnessed it or for that matter the man who was locked inside.”

Herm said he’d love to hear from anyone who remembers this event; if you do, please drop me a comment or note and I’ll put you in touch with him!

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