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Ask Joan: Fitbit edition

Since January, I’ve been using a Fitbit to track my steps. In the past week, I’ve joined some challenges with former coworkers and fellow homeschoolers and high school classmates scattered around the country, and my competitive side is really causing me to freak out when I’m not in the lead in each of them.

But on the positive side, I’ve had the chance to explore wonderful parts of York County this spring, like the newly opened section of the Heritage Rail Trail County Park, where we were treated to the sight of two bald eagles. If you haven’t been there already, I encourage you to check it out, as well as checking out the new Ask Joan questions I’m sharing today.

What’s inside

1. Details on White Roses players
2. Do you remember Legion shows?
3. Seeking Girl Scout cabin photo

1. I have a burning desire to learn about two former York White Rose Baseball Players who were active around the early years of the 1950s. If they are alive today, they would most likely be in their 90s. I was hoping to meet them or any relatives, children, grandchildren that may be around. My father at the time had a shoe shop located at 460 S. Pershing Ave. in the City of York. He did repairs on ball players’ shoes, gloves that were brought into the shop. It was through my dad’s shop that I got an autographed baseball of two York White Rose Baseball Players. Their names are as follows: “Red” Bladen and Don McKeon. Here’s hoping you can do it. Hope someday this autograph baseball finds a spot in the York White Rose hall of fame museum.
– Vic Castellano, Springettsbury Township

I’d love to be able to tell Vic more about Red Bladen and Don McKeon, and I’m always thrilled to hear more about the White Roses’ history. If anyone has any information to share, please do!

2. We have moved to N.C. to be near our son and grandchildren but resided in York 77 years. My father, then my husband owned the Ramona. I taught school at Princess Street School and remember Jerry Akin very well – I had him in 1st grade. He had a wonderful mother and sister. Joan, I am wondering if anyone remembers the American Legion shows during the ’50s-’60s, etc… if there are any living who remember them. York Post No. 127 was the host.
– Anita of Charlotte, N.C.

Anita’s mention of the late Jerry Akin comes from memories shared last year from his journal by his wife, Lea Akin, of life in downtown York. You can read those here.

To her question about the American Legion shows, though, I’d love to be able to share some further memories of that. If you have any to share, please let us know!

3. Has anyone mentioned the Girl Scout Cabin once located between Raleigh and Cambridge Drives in Haines Acres? It was a up a short hill form where a spring begins its flow to Mill Creek. My father allowed the leaders and children to park on his property and walk through his field and woods to the site. Occasionally, they’d take me, a 5 or 6 yr. old, along for the day. There were beds on an upper level which looked over the floor and open area below. They were reached by wooden ladders. There may have been a large stone fireplace. There was an outside “facility” and one night I was too shy to wake anyone and too afraid to go outside alone! Daylight finally arrived and none too soon! The site was near the spring and my dog and I spent many a pleasant day walking through the woods and sitting by the spring. A child could do that in those days – meander through a woods with no fear. How I wish I had a photo of that cabin, which seemed so large to me. I’ve loved the mysteries of springs to this day, and I love your columns!
– Suzanne Garrety of York Township

Back in 2012, the YDR published an installment in its “Remember” series of readers’ memories of Girl Scouting. Readers talked about Camp Furnace Hills and Camp Echo Trail, but no one talked about this cabin and I’m very interested in hearing more. If anyone has any stories or, especially, photos, they certainly would be appreciated!

Have questions or memories to share? Ask (or Tell) Joan using the form at right. I’ll attempt to answer or share them in a future “Ask Joan” column on this blog. I get a large volume, but I will feature three each week and answer as many as possible!

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