Only in York County

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Where everyone knows everyone

That’s one of the things I like best about York County – there’s nowhere I go where I don’t know someone. (On a bad hair day, that’s also one of the things I like least.)

But sometimes, the county “connections” still surprise even me.

I had an eye doctor appointment today, and just as I was getting ready to tell coworker friend Rose that I was heading out, she stood up to tell me she had an eye doctor appointment and would be leaving. Well, turns out we have the same doctor, and appointments at the same time! So we headed over together.

Rose’s appointment finished first, and as I was coming out into the lobby, she calls out to tell me that reporter Michele is there too!

And, knowing where we all work, the receptionist asked about our features editor, Buffy, because she recently saw her photo in the paper and thinks they went to high school together.

Only in York County…

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