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What, another potpie post? Sure!

It’s cold and wet out, and that means comfort food, right?

And what better as a comfort food in York County than potpie! My sister made what she called chicken-and-dumplings when we went to visit her in New Jersey during the week following Christmas, and that got me thinking about the other aspect of our potpie debate. We’ve often talked about whether a pie with a crust or a “slippery” potpie is “real” potpie, but we haven’t talked about the people who eat the slippery version but call it chicken-and-dumplings. Thoughts on that?

And since we last talked about this dish, I had yet more feedback to share, too.

From reader Nancy of the Rediscovering Grandma blog, I heard: “I confess to being a wholehearted potpie snob. Chicken pie =/= pot pie for me. I’m not opposed to the stuff in a crust, just don’t call it pot pie. It kills me when I go into a restaurant and see ‘chicken pot pie’ on the menu and it’s something in a crust. (And since I now live in NJ, that’s pretty much every chicken pot pie I see on a menu.) I’m still hoping to make that ham pot pie one of these days (it’d be a great winter meal!), but I’m going to have to recruit some friends to help, because I am pretty sure it’s a really big job for one person, and I know it’ll be more than I can eat!”

Um, Nancy, just let us know and we’ll roadtrip! 🙂

I bet Jo would come with me; she said, “To reiterate what Nancy writes – if there is a crust (top, and/or bottom) it is a meat/fruit pie baked in the oven. Pot pie is what some refer to as slippery – made in a pot with squares/rectangles of rolled out dough, with meat, gravy etc. & is cooked in a pot on top of the stove. However it is made it is gooood eating!”

And finally (for now), my friend Lorie says, “I agree with Jo, pot pie is made in a pot, with dough rolled out and cut in square and thrown on when the the pot is boiling. Definitely no tomatoes in this households pot pie.”

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