Only in York County

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Well, at least we say this one right

You guys all win! The question of how to pronounce “Lancaster” garnered good response, and the majority of you picked what I consider the right answer.

And Tracey agrees – she says, “I lived there for a few years. I can testify, the correct way to pronounce it is LANK.”

Jo explains it really well. She says, “When I hear Lancaster mispronounced (on-air media people do it all the time!) sometimes I’ll correct by saying it’s Burt Lan-caster, but Lank-caster, Pa.”

That’s a good explanation.

Melanie, from down south, was funny. She writes, “I have never heard any native of York County pronounce Lancaster in any other way but LANK-as-ter. Oddly enough, here where I live, in Virginia, there is also a Lancaster County, and whenever I hear someone pronounce it the York County Pa. way, I ask them if that’s where they’re from. Nine times out of ten, they’re either from York or somewhere in the surrounding vicinity!”

Which goes to show, you can be a Yorker anywhere, at least at heart!

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