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Welcome to Adams County (closed Wednesdays)

Does that post title give you any idea how I spent my day off this week?

On Wednesday, one of our days off together, my husband and I decided to take a drive into Adams County. Not to do anything in particular; just because we almost never head west when we travel.

I loved seeing rural Adams County! We looked at the monuments in Gettysburg a little bit, then wound our way around Biglerville, Orrtanna, Cashtown and some other towns.

I love small towns, and I especially loved getting to see the somewhat famous (and possibly haunted) Cashtown Inn.

But guess what? Couldn’t go in. It was closed.

As was the somewhat well known Biglerville Country Store.

So was a neat little bookstore in Gettysburg that my husband wanted to show me.

Oh, and the wonderful roadside fruit stands that dot the landscape in both Adams and York counties? Nope. No fruit on Wednesdays, it seems, at least not there.

Hubby is the one who suggested this post title. And while it fits, I would like to say that I had a good time seeing the sights in our neighboring county to the west. Definitely a good day trip.

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