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A blast from the past: Weaver Organ and J.P. Julius

Remember some time ago that we talked about memories of music and music lessons?

Today’s pieces of fun York County ephemera (from Hubby, as you probably already guessed), come in the same vein. We picked these up at a Stermer’s auction at the York County 4-H Center earlier this year.

These are cards depicting two local instrument-sellers. The first two are from Weaver Organ and Piano Co. of York. This first one is a replica; it’s on a postcard that was published in a collection called “Old-Fashioned Children in Trade Cards.” Looks like that collection is from about 1989; the original, of course, is much older, though I have no exact date.

Weaver Organ trade card 1

The other item from Weaver is a card that says “Our 1890 Holiday Greeeting: Weaver Organ and Piano Co., York, Pa.” This is also a reproduction, but I don’t know at what time it was made.

Weaver Organ trade card 2

Finally, I have what IS an original, a trade card from “The Sterling Pianos, for sale by J.P. Julius, 22 S. George St., York, Pa.” This even has writing on the back – the name “Lizzie S. Misener” is signed, and under that is written “Alfred Tennyson.” Is it THE Alfred Tennyson? Was Lizzie just practicing her penmanship? These things we’ll never know.

Sterling Pianos sold by J.P. Julius card

If you have memories of Weaver Organ or J.P. Julius the piano salesman, though, those I’d love to know about!

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