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Two fun follow-ups on mush and schnitz and knepp

It’s Wednesday – which means it’s time to write about food!

Today’s post is actually a couple of quick follow-ups on two previous posts.

First, when I wrote about some recipes for corn pone, cornmeal mush and more, fellow blogger June Lloyd of Universal York wrote: “My 97 1/2 year old mother-in-law still makes fried mush, just like her mother did. She likes the roasted corn meal best, so I get her the ‘lightly roasted’ at David Fitz’s stand at Central Market. It’s very reasonable priced. They have a great variety of grains, meals, dried fruits, honey and much more.”

Like June, I have also bought things from the Fitz stand; in fact, we’re just finishing up a loaf of wheat bread from a recent visit. June, I’m glad to hear your mother-in-law is carrying on this tradition!

One other fun comment, at least half food-related, came just about a month ago on a post from LAST May about schnitz and knepp.

The comment is from John Knepper, who is from the York area. He writes, “Funny story… My great grandpa’s grade-school friends used to joke with him about his last name and the popular dish. He quickly earned the nickname Schnitz (‘Schnitz Knepp’er). He went by ‘Schnitz’ till the day he died. Ahh, the good old days.”

Those were both just such great stories that I had to share. I love how food works it way into our family traditions in YorK County!

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