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Trying someplace new: A trip to Wild Ginger

I mentioned a few weeks ago how much I’ve been eating at Masa recently. I’d mentioned wanting to branch out and try other ethnic eateries in the York area.

Commenter Dianne suggested, “If you like Masa, try Kissho Sushi Restaurant adjacent to York College campus, 970 S. George Street. Get their box lunch. For $8.95 you get a choice of sushi (salmon or California roll is delicious), small miso soup, salad, entree, rice, and various tempura to try.”

And Jo said, “The Thai restaurant on Rt. 15 in Dillsburg is excellent if you are ever hungry & in that area. I’d like to see mid-Eastern restaurants open up in the area. Lebanese food, for example, is excellent. Cuban food would also be nice to have around. I love the Mexican restaurant on East Market St. that used to be a Hardee’s, I think. Great food and service.”

Well, I took those into consideration this past weekend, but then looked at my coupons and realized I had one for Wild Ginger on Eastern Boulevard, so my husband, Sarah and I headed there to celebrate my 28th birthday (!)

I’m always nervous about trying somewhere new, but we had a great experience. Sarah got shrimp lo mein – with no vegetables – and ate more than I’ve ever seen her eat in one sitting. I got my favorites from Masa, the gyoza and shumai, and they were also good.

But my husband’s dinner really took the cake. He got the sashimi dinner – 16 pieces of raw fish, beautifully arranged. We only had my cell phone with us, and its camera leaves much to be desired, but you can get the idea.

I finished off the evening with banana tempura and green tea ice cream – wow yum. One of my favorite desserts; I originally tried a version of it at the former Market Street Cafe, now Viet Thai Cafe, back in high school, and it really is amazing.

Rest assured, though, the other suggestions remain on the list, and we’ll head there as we are able! Also, shameless plug – feel free to check out the restaurant reviews over on the Exchange. That’s where I found out that Wild Ginger was worth the drive to the east end!

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