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Trying new things: Tae kwon do class at Dover Dragons

Those of you who read this blog and also know me in real life know that I’ve made it a point over the last year to try some new things.

I got a wardrobe makeover from a good friend. I started wearing – and then selling – Mary Kay skincare and makeup. I got a great new haircut. I’ve tried to make more time to hang out with my friends. I started reading books and blogs about personal finance, which I’m learning is a huge interest of mine.

And I renewed my commitment to get in shape.

That last one hasn’t exactly been going so well lately. If you read the rest of the list, well, that stuff takes time. Eating healthy hasn’t been a top priority, and any kind of activity has been even farther from my mind.

I did some things half-heartedly. A Zumba class with my great friend Tracey at Strictly Fitness USA. Some hiking this summer, though not as much as in previous summers.

But last Thursday, I decided to meet a friend, Katie, for a tae kwon do class at Dover Dragons.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had lessons in tang soo do (another Korean martial arts style) as a little kid, but we’re talking maybe 18 years ago at this point! Also, there was the fact that I AM notoriously out of shape and that Katie is a brown belt, so I had a serious nervousness factor.

I shouldn’t have worried. It was a ton of fun, and the owner, Mr. Bob Kistner, was a huge help. I’m definitely going to go back; in fact, I’ll be there tomorrow night (Wednesday!)

I did have an Only in York County moment, though. I put a notice on Facebook about what I was doing just before the class started, and didn’t think to go back and check it until I got home. Well, I came to find out, a friend and former coworker had posted, saying her husband was in the class and her daughter, also a Dover Dragons student, was there watching him! So, I had this whole class with my friend’s husband and didn’t know it.

Only in York County indeed!

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