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YDR staffers Joan Concilio and Chris Otto got... some books.

Crazy things the Concilio/Otto family does

So, our family likes used books. A lot.

In fact, Chris and I have a fairly profitable and fun hobby/side business of buying and reselling used books. It’s something to do, it makes us a bit of extra money, and we just plain love books, so it’s no hardship to spend our time delving through piles and boxes of them.


We might have gone a little overboard. Last Wednesday, you see, we rented a UHaul truck, drove about an hour and a half away to a town called Cressona, and spent $500 for as many books as we could fit in the UHaul.

First, let me say that if you don’t know much about bookselling, this is a pretty good deal.

Second, let me say that even if you know a bit about bookselling – which we do – it soon becomes obvious that a UHaul full of books is, well, a lot of books. A whole lot.

We did pack the truck full. The photo above is a look at it just partway into the loading process; I think that in some ways, this gives you a better idea of how much, exactly, we were talking about than the pictures of it packed full, where you really can’t see anything.

Of course, when you rent a UHaul for a day, you know, you have to return it by 5 p.m. So around 3 p.m., we decided to fork over a little more money and invited my best friend’s high-school-senior brother and a friend of his over to help us unload this truck into our garage.

Do you remember that I previously mentioned that my garage was featured on an organizing website?

Well, meet my garage now:

Wow. We MIGHT be a little over our heads here…

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