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Today, I’m thankful for my life in York County

Many thanks to Tom Berkheimer, who submitted the original photo of the scene of York County to our online gallery. It fit perfectly with the message I wanted to share today; Tom, hope you don't mind my addition!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I thought today might make a fun time to look at some of the top things I’m thankful for about my life in York County, Pa. Please, share your “York thanks” in the comments too. I’d love to know what makes you glad to live here.

These are in no particular order.

– I’m incredibly thankful for the York County Parks. We have just a ton of amazing places to spend time outdoors, and I know there are plenty of other communities that don’t have the half of what we do.

– I’m also glad for the York County Library System. Again, I know there are many places with much less in the way of resources for reading and information. I’m especially happy for the many incarnations of the Dover Library, from its long-ago home at the Bob Hoffman YMCA to its awesome new look in the Dover Township municipal complex on Davidsburg Road. They were instrumental in getting me to love reading!

– Another thing I’m incredibly happy about is our selection of farmers’ markets, especially Central Market and the Market & Penn Farmers Market, as well as Morningstar Marketplace in the Thomasville area, The Markets at Shrewsbury, and many others. We are so lucky to have such a great selection of fresh and homemade items.

– I’m thankful for the YDR. And I’m not saying this as an employee, but rather as a York County resident. I’m glad we have a local newspaper/news organization. I’m glad our local newspaper has ultralocal sections, like the Weekly Record editions. And, yeah, I’m glad that such an organization sees the value in paying me to do what I’d probably do anyway: Talk up how great York County is. (Let’s hope no one notices?!)

– I’m thankful for our varied scenery. I love that I can drive for 20 minutes and see urban architecture from the early 1800s, rolling hills and farmlands, and modern suburbs, as well as everything in between.

– Food. I’m thankful for York’s food. Need I say more?

I hope your day has been filled with good food, good friends, and good times with family and loved ones. Have a blessed day!

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