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Time to grill, which means hamburgs and hot dogs

We’ve talked in the past about hamburg barbecue, certainly.

But it came to my attention again recently when one of my copy editors, Caryn. who is herself a lifelong Yorker, responded to a news release I’d sent her to put into our system. “Here’s a Yorkism for you; a hamburg, what’s that? Is it a hamburger with a bite taken out of it?”

The release in question was for a church or organization event in which “hamburgs and hot dogs” would be available for purchase.
So, since Caryn brought it up, I thought it would be fun to mention again as a neat Yorkism. And it got me to thinking about another York County ground beef wonder that I’ve actually not mentioned before on this blog, but which another Yorkblogger has covered in detail.

Can you guess what?

Bury’s Famous Hamburgers in their special tomato sauce, “replicas” of which I’ve had at two recent events! Check Jim McClure’s York Town Square blog for more.

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