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Things I don’t eat

A long time ago, commenter Bonnie told me:

In these parts we eat “pon haus” aka scrapple. Where’s the hog maw? Where’s the souse…it’s food and should not be confused with getting “soused.” That’s all together different, though both are pickled.

Well, Bonnie hit on the one traditional food that I will not eat. (Yes, there are things I don’t eat, believe it or not.)

It’s… scrapple.

It’s like “Green Eggs and Ham.” I could not, would not in a box… with a fox… in a house… with a mouse. Nowhere. Nohow.

My husband, for his part, loves it and likes to tease me about it. But, sorry, even for someone who’s as big of a hot dog fan as I am doesn’t like meat-scrap-leftover-food.

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