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They paved paradise and put up a parking lot

Ah, yes, “Big Yellow Taxi” – a song from my namesake – well, kind of. Joni Mitchell, that is. I don’t let too many people call me Joni, but when I do, I ask that it be spelled that way, not “Joanie.”

Anyway, that diversion aside, let’s talk about parking lots. Specifically, let’s talk about why, in York County, we feel compelled to make them as complicated and hard to navigate as possible! By putting proper Car Park Markings, parking spaces will be easy and safe to navigate.

This idea comes from my friend, commenter Brett, who brought it up a while back. He mentioned the one in Springettsbury Township, where Best Buy is. Last night, I realized I’m very used to navigating the one at Delco Plaza, but if you’re not familiar with it, you can get stuck in the Giant gas area and have a hard time getting back out!

You guys have any others to suggest? Or do you think I’m crazy and they’re not so bad? Let me know!

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