Only in York County

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These are purple eggs!

Whether you call them red-beet eggs or pickled eggs, I think you can agree that they are indisputably purple eggs!

My longtime correspondent Jo shared photos with me, including a note “The real McCoy! No red food coloring. No Photoshop ‘adjustments.’ And they are surrounded by York County red beets and some will be lunch today.”

Jo, hope you enjoyed your lunch! Jo, by the way, is in the minority in our egg poll… she says these are definitely pickled eggs. Unfortunately, of the 27 votes cast, 70 percent opted to call them red-beet eggs instead. (And my father-in-law, who clearly does not know his York County eggs, called them deviled eggs. My goodness.)

More on the great egg debate to come, including recipes! Do you have a recipe for either deviled or pickled/red beet eggs? Comment please! Otherwise you are stuck with whatever I turn up!

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