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The why of Frostee Fries

I mentioned yesterday that reader Mark gave a good explanation behind why people like to dip their french fries in a Wendy’s Frostee.

His thoughts? “Sweet AND Salty! Such as Scrapple and Syrup, I have noticed that Yorkers like their food sweet and salty together. Everyone hold your lunch…here is a brief list of what I find (family learned) tasty…”

He goes on to mention his love of scrapple with King Syrup, as well as Ritz Crackers and Rutter’s Chocolate Marshmallow Ice cream (using the cracker for a scoop), the now-famous Frostee Fries, and of course fluffernutter.

He wants to know if this is a personal thing, or if it’s regional? “I know other people in York that share some of these tastes with me and have not witnessed this outside of York (I lived in and around Baltimore for almost 15 years),” he writes.

What do you think? Sweet and salty? The example that comes to mind for me is Mack’s in Dover Township, where they put a mini pretzel wheel on top of your ice cream cone. Maybe that goes to help prove Mark’s point! What do you think? Are there other examples of sweet/salty that you like, that I’m missing?

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