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The return of Gino’s to Pennsylvania, and a local reunion

Over the summer, we talked about how ‘everyone goes to Gino’s’, based on the old jingle. It was a lot of fun – great memories shared!

Well, it’s official, Gino’s has reopened; a new location in King of Prussia opened for business Oct. 25 and just held its official grand opening Nov. 14!

Even cooler? One of my blog commenters was THERE in October. Steve McIlvain says “I worked, in ’67 at the original Gino’s across from Y.C. Shopping Cntr, then switched to the one on the Trail and Rt 30. Worked at over 30 stores in the next 12 years. I was also the first customer at the new Gino’s. Kinda cool but not like they used to be… so many memories.”

Jim Staub said, “Wow… I was just talking about Gino’s (recently) with two people who also worked at Gino’s with me back in the the mid 70’s until Marriot bought them out. We were thinking about getting together a reunion for former York Gino’s employee’s sometime next year. If anyone reading this is a former employee of any of the York Gino’s, at any time frame, feel free to email me at

I’d love to use this blog as a way for people to share news about such a reunion – so please, Jim and everyone else, keep me posted!
There is a TON of stuff going on with the launch on Gino’s Facebook page, some of which you can see with this entry. You should definitely check that out.

So, is anyone up for a post-Thanksgiving road trip to King of Prussia??

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