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The demolishing of Brookside Park’s carousel building

Intrepid photographer Jo did this county and this blog a historical service last week. She headed out to Brookside Park, where, exactly a week ago today, they demolished the carousel building seen above, which had been plagued by powder post beetles.

Jo took the above photo earlier, and then sent the “after” photo seen below as well. She wrote, “I couldn’t be there early enough to catch the first strike which happened around 7:15” in the morning of Jan. 10. I’m almost glad… I don’t know if I would have wanted to watch that, personally.

Meanwhile, she sent another photo, showing exactly the cause of the building’s problems – wood damage caused by the powder post beetles. She explains that the frass (beetle poop) is the grainy-looking substance strung throughout the pieces.

You can read more about the carousel building’s (losing) battle against bugs over on the York Town Square blog here and here.

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