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The best piece of Only in York County mail I’ve ever received

The photo above arrived at the YDR offices a few weeks ago with a letter from Norma Jean Scott-Mitzel. I am not exaggerating in the slightest when I say this is truly the best Only in York County mail I’ve ever received – or am ever likely to receive. To explain why, let me just share Norma Jean’s letter.

“The enclosed photo is a fond memory for me. I worked for Robert C. Murphy Real Estate in the mid 70’s. A man from out of state was looking for a farmette. I helped him to find one in Dover. Later that man, also, worked for our Real Estate Company. I think from this photo of a Christmas party you will recognize the handsome man on the right as your Father Lou. He was always a pleasant happy man with a big smile and handsome also. I’m the lady standing on the side of Bob Murphy wearing the wreath pin.”

I can’t even explain what this meant to me. The day I received it, I made my way around the office, showing it off to as many friends as possible. My husband, Chris, just kept saying “Wow.” Our managing editor, Randy Parker, gave me a big hug (and he’ll kill me for ruining his “surly” image by saying that!) And when I went home and showed the picture to my mom, well, she was amazed too. She remembered Norma Jean – and was excited both to hear from her and to see a photo we’d never before known about of Dad, who passed away in 1993.

I do miss that farmette that Norma Jean and the rest of the Murphy Real Estate team helped Mom and Dad find. On Blackberry Road north of Dover, it is a place of many fond memories for me, and seeing Dad’s face helped bring them back.

Thank you so much, Norma Jean. We appreciate you beyond words.

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