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Thanks for your help, and a bonus question!

A little while ago, I posted a request from reader Marianne, asking the name of the pizza shop that used to be inside Delco Plaza.

Thanks to all those of you who wrote in!

Greg said he thinks it was KT’s, and that rang a bell with me. My brother-in-law Mike looked up Delco on deadmalls.coma cool site that I’ve been into since 2007 – and found a lot of info about what used to be there. It says:

“Delco was anchored by two department stores; Hills Department Store sat on the Route 30 side of the mall, while Grant City was at the other end. The mall also got a lot of traffic from the outlying Pathmark store which sat in a large building right next to Grant’s. Grant later became Kmart. Other stores in the mall included a five-screen UA Cinema, which was the largest theater in York for many years and drew plenty of traffic; Bookland, a locally owned newsstand; the International Family Restaurant; and Dipper Dan, a locally owned ice cream parlor.”

What was interesting to me there was the mention of International Family Restaurant, which I believe is the place I was thinking of that had red plastic drinking glasses. Oh, the stupid things I remember…

Joe mentioned he thought there was a place called International Pizza; meanwhile, my friend Tracey didn’t remember what they were called, but she had great memories of the Delco mini-mall; she writes: “Hills and K-Mart as bookends for the wonderful little ‘underground’ feeling of the mini mall sandwiched between them with West York’s only movie theater at the time, the dollar store, post office, DMV photo center, and who can remember what else (besides the pizza place). I remember everyone saying that they’d never build anything there again when they tore the old stores down.”

Well, clearly that part didn’t come true – it’s a megaplex to end all megaplexes!

NOW, for the bonus question. New commenter Chris, also a York “lifer” and a 1992 Central York grad, recently wrote to me. He says, “I remember going to the UA theater in Delco Plaza in the 80s. At the beginning of the movie was a stirring theme that played with stars swooping in sounding a little like jets flying past. I’m trying to find if anyone has the music, or even better the video, of that intro.”

Can you help him out? You guys are like the York County research army, so I have no doubt someone can help Chris!

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