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Tawking funny in York County

One of my friends and coworkers, Kara, recently gave me a copy of Pennsylvania Magazine, whose publisher, Al Holliday, has a regular column called “Did ‘ja know?”

In the issue she gave me (May/June of this year), Holliday’s column explores some of the ways we “tawk” funny across Pennsylvania.

Tawk – talk – is one of them. Some – like “Youze and yizz” – are more common in other areas of the state than in this area.

But here are some of the ones that I’ve heard around York. As a return of my popular “pop quizzes,” can you decipher the “real words” behind these?

1. Farce far
2. Lie berry
3. Shar (and par)

Leave me comments with your guesses!

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