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Sweet and salty revisited (it’s about time!)

Yes, way back in the dark ages (OK, in November), I asked about sweet and salty combinations. You know, like dipping your french fries in a Wendy’s vanilla Frostee?

Well, I got a lot of responses, and I never adequately acknowledged them!

So here are some of my favorites:

Adriane: pretzels and chocolate milk

Jo: Jiffy extra crunchy peanut butter on a Ritz with a glass of ice cold chocolate milk

Mark: dropping pretzel bits in a glass of Pepsi (as a side note, one of MY favorites is Utz sour cream and onion chips with a diet Pepsi)

Joe: Nature Valley’s sweet and salty nut granola bars. His favorite is cashew; they also have peanut and almond.

Kris: Martin’s barbecue waffle-cut chips dipped in vanilla ice cream

Eric: He says his grandpa used to drop a few salted peanuts into his bottle of Pepsi. And in Mexico, salt and lime are common additions to beer or soda pop.

He had a NOT tasty sweet-and-salty story to tell. “When we went to Guadalajara a few years ago to visit my wife’s relatives, I bought a Squirt citrus soda on the street. The vendor asked, “Con sal?” I said yes. Had to dump the whole thing out. Nasty.”

My daughter, by the way, has started with the pretzels-in-ice-cream thing. I’m raising up a little Yorker!!

I’ll have to decide what my next food question is going to be. I get such great answers – thank you all!

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