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Still more on stuffing

I promised last week that we’d talk more about the “taste” of stuffing today than the name of it – though I’d still love to get your votes in the stuffing vs. filling vs. dressing poll – and I’m following through!

Melanie says Connie’s recipe for stuffing (read it here) is almost exactly the same as the one handed down to her from my mother and grandmother (York County natives with extremely deep roots!) She said, though, it’s missing one ingredient her family considers vital – a pinch or two of sage.

“My mouth is watering now just thinking about filling at Thanksgiving,” she said. “I wonder what my family would think if I made turkey and filling in July.”

Jo committed what I fear is York County sacrilege – boxed stuffing! – though it’s good enough for me. She says: “My favorite is Pepperidge Farm stuffing mix. It has all the right seasoning, just needs a little butter and hot water to turn it into a yummy stuffing/filling/dressing. When stuffed into a bird, pork chops or used another way the flavor is enhanced by whatever it is in. One can add sauteed celery or other veggies if desired, even an egg, but I like it without anything added. I put some in my mealoaf mix, again, because it has a good seasoning mix already in it. It now comes in a variety of types, such as corn bread, etc.”

One of my best friends, Tracey, felt a bit strongly. She says, “It’s filling. Stuffing is what Stove Top makes. And honestly, would you rather eat Stove Top stuffing or filling? (Not to knock Stove Top, as a child I only ate that and Elio’s pizza when at Gram’s.) I can’t leave you the recipe for Gram’s filing because I’ve been sworn to secrecy. When I was a teenager and she didn’t get discharged from the hospital until Christmas Eve and emergency family meeting was called, Mom and I were deemed the successors because I could take over when Mom couldn’t do it anymore. I kid you not, there were people with a fork at my Aunt’s door demanding a sampling before they let us in for dinner on Christmas day. True PA Dutch filling is that kind of a huge deal!” She also promised to sneak me a sample at Christmas – don’t be jealous! 😉

Bill had a great memory about one particular stuffing meal. He said, “Next to the Central Market House in the late 60s and early 70s was a great little cafeteria called Les’s Cafeteria. He was always behind the counter with his white apron and bowtie. THE best food for a Yorker you would ever want … My favorite was Meatloaf stuffed with Filling drizzled with gravy. Wow!”

That stirred up more memories, and John L. said, “Les’s Cafeteria!! Lunch there at least once a week from 1968 to 75. WOW did he have good food.” A little before my time, but it sounds neat!

Any other fun stuffing stories?

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