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Ask Joan: The “mostly local questions, but also New Jersey” edition

In kind of a bonus Ask Joan aside today, I received a question last week seeking information that’s NOT “Only in York County.” Reader Bob wrote, “Around 1980-81, the Echelon Mall, in Voorhees, NJ had a fitness center (I believe it was on the outside of the mall before you went in). Does anyone remember the name? I’m searching for someone who worked there during this time period.”

So this interests me mostly because of a fun juxtaposition – I was born in Voorhees, a little-known fact about me; while I’ve lived in York County since I was 3 days old, I am not technically a “native” and am, in fact, a Jersey girl.

So if anyone happens to know the name of a store in a mall in Voorhees for Bob, hey, why not comment?

Now, onto the local questions:

What’s inside

1. Seeking Bear’s sticky bun recipe
2. How to submit your news
3. Anna Elizabeth Taylor, mystery woman

1. I’m sure that this question has been asked before… but, does anyone have Bear’s Department Store recipe for their wonderful sticky buns?
– Harry

I have heard about those sticky buns before, and people rave about them! But I haven’t ever seen the recipe, and I’d love to share it with Harry, so if you can shed any light, please do let us know. I do have a good Pa. Dutch sticky bun recipe here, but it’s not the same thing for sure!

2. A reader named Stephen recently wrote to me asking how to share news and information with the Daily Record/Sunday News and its family of publications. Since I field that question kind of a lot as community news coordinator, I’m going to borrow column space from myself and answer it here!

Best way to reach us is by email at From there, I – along with a few other newsroom elves – take everything and pass it out to various editors and reporters around the newsroom.

You can also very easily submit your info using our online form at That gathers all the info and sends it to us in a nice, neat package.

Photos are welcomed using both methods. In general, if you’re emailing, please put the text in the body of your email, not in an attachment, and attach any photos in .jpg format.

If you regularly have news to submit from your club or group, or if you’re just curious about how we do what we do, I’d love to invite you to come out to our “How to Get it Published” seminar, which is coming up on Aug. 28. Visit to register. (Handy, that.) It’s free, I’ll be speaking along with some other folks from the YDR, and it’s generally a fun time!

3. Do you know anything about a photographer, Anna Elizabeth Taylor, who opened her own studio on the Square in the late teens or early 20s? She was a graduate of York Collegiate Institute in 1912. There are examples of her work in the Archives of York College.
– Karen Rice-Young and Jennell Moser

So Jennell is a friend of mine from middle school, and she and her boss, Karen, work in the archives at York College. They found references to Anna Elizabeth Taylor and are just trying to find out more about her – and she’s been unbelievably hard to track down!

In good news, they recently turned up a photo of her, along with a group from the Southern School of Photography in McMinnville, Tennessee; previous shots had been group photos, including a sorority picture from York Collegiate Institute, where we knew she was included but didn’t know which person she was!

But Jennell and Karen are still seeking more info, and if you can help, I know they’d be glad to know anything at all about Anna Elizabeth Taylor!

Got any questions? Ask Joan using the form at right. I’ll attempt to answer them in a future “Ask Joan” column on this blog. I get a large volume, but I will feature three each week and answer as many as possible!

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