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Spritzing: This Pennsylvania Dutch-ism is all wet

From commenter Dianne comes a good Yorkism: Spritzing.

She mentioned it as in “raining very lightly.” (Then there’s also “make wet” for rain, as in, “It’s going to make wet today.”)

With spritz, I also use it to describe what I do to my hair in the morning with a water bottle. In fact, we call it the “spritz bottle.”

And then there are spritz cookies, but I can’t tell that name is related to the Pennsylvania Dutch “spritz” or not.

Any ideas about the cookies? And for my German-language friends, what’s the origin of spritz?

(If you’ve missed them, some of my other favorite Yorkisms include redding up, doing something awhile, saying it’s “all”, doing things “quick”, and rearranging leave and let.)

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