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Spotlight on Hanover memories, Part 1: A great starter list of businesses

Ever since I last wrote about memories from the Hanover area, I’ve been receiving other thoughts from readers about stores of the past from that town.

So, this week, I’m going to feature three posts – today, Friday and Saturday – showcasing many of these Hanover-area memories.

Today’s thoughts come primary from Debbi Rhodes of York Township and her mom, Betty Jane Rhodes of Hanover. Debbi writes, “I have been giving certain articles about Hanover to my Mom and, in particular, the one where you had the picture of Forest Park. My Mom started making a list of other stores and businesses in downtown Hanover back in the good ole days and I also added to the list since I’m a baby boomer, having graduated from Hanover High with the Class of 1969. We remembered the following stores.”

Their list was:
– Smith’s Jewelry Store on Broadway
– Roth’s Jewelry Store on York Street, run by two brothers (Debbi writes, “One of them was the father of Ann Roth – well known costume designer who also won Oscars for some major movies.”)
– M.C. Nace Clothing Store on Carlisle Street
– Colonial Shoe Store on Carlisle Street
– Mayflower Restaurant on Carlisle Street
– Myers Drug Pharmacy on the Hanover Square
– Cline’s Restaurant on Carlisle Street, across from the Hanover Shoe building (which is now apartments)
– Prowel’s Ladies Hat Millinery on Frederick Street, across from the Hanover Borough offices and police station, which was once the Montgomery Ward department store
– Strine’s Shoe Store on Frederick Street (which was next to the old vacant theater, Debbi says)
– The Cedar Chest, an exclusive ladies’ shop, on Baltimore Street
– May Peal Shop, a ladies’ dress shop where the Hanover Clothing Store is now
– Sterner’s Grocery Store on York Street, where the Hanover Hospital Wellness Center is now
– Colonial Fair Department Store on York Street, which was right across the street from Sterner’s Grocery
– Wildasin’s Meat Market on York Street
– Cue Lounge, which was next to the original Hallmark store on Baltimore Street. (Debbi writes, “When we would break for lunch when I was in 7th grade, we would go to the Cue Lounge for lunch and it had pool tables as well.”)
– Benn’s Men’s Store on Baltimore Street
– Bennett’s Fresh Food Market on Center Square

One of Debbi and Betty Jane’s memories was of The Gloria Dress Shop on Frederick Street. This is one that is particularly interesting, because it turns out this was the answer to a question from Mary Graybill in our earlier discussion on Hanover. Mary remembered a “great little shop on Frederick Street” but not the name, and thankfully, many readers were able to help.

Esther Ells of Hanover writes, “We have resided here approximately 45 years. I believe the shop Mary Graybill is referencing that was on Frederick Street was The Gloria Shop. It was owned by the late Gloria Strouss and was a lovely little shop. She even had bridal fashions upstairs. She knew how to purchase and merchandise her clothing lines. It was very upscale for this small community.” Liz Webb gave the same name and wrote that it was “a lovely charming little store.” That place must have been great!

Debbi concludes, “Thank you for challenging our memories. How we wish these stores were still in business!” Debbi, me too, because I’d have loved to visit some – especially the well-though-of Gloria Shop!

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