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Sorting out the seafood on Route 30

Man, if every blog entry I wrote was as successful at stirring debate as the which-seafood-restaurant-was-where post back in March… I’d be a full-time blogger!

This went on to become the subject of my Easter dinner conversation, a huge draw for comments, AND an in-office debate.

The final verdict:

Where El Rodeo is now: There used to be an Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips. After that, there was also a Rax. (Joe and Tracey helped clear that up; I originally thought this was somewhere else.)

Where Hooters is now: There used to be a Jolly Fisherman, about which commenter db says: “That was a great seafood rest., they had excellent food, we were so disappointed when they closed.”

Where McDonald’s is now, at George Street: There used to be a Long John Silvers.

Where 5 Guys is now: There used to be a KFC.

Where the spa/hot tub place is now: There used to be a McDonald’s. In fact, the first McDonald’s in York County!

Still undetermined: A Popeye’s chicken. Lorie says that was also in the spot now occupied by El Rodeo. If so, when? Or was that actually where the KFC was? Again, when?

I think I need to make a map – or maybe a timeline! I guess my biggest question is, was there a time when Jolly Fisherman, Arthur Treacher’s and Long John Silvers all operated within two blocks of each other? That’s a whole lotta seafood!

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