Only in York County

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Something that was Only in York County for a limited time

Actually, that post title should read “SomeONE who was Only in York County for a limited time.”

Can you guess who this is??

It was a special visitor to the YDR’s newsroom last week. Commenter and until-now virtual friend Mark – yes, from Austria – was home in York County visiting family and was kind enough to drop by and visit me too. I was THRILLED!!!

Anyway, just had to share our super-awesome York County photo. This is one of the things I’ve come to love most about this blog – the chance to make real-life friends based on a common interest online! So far, other commenters I’ve met include Jo, who makes some mean deviled eggs that my my husband loves, and, more recently, Dianne, who also paid a visit to the YDR offices recently to help out another York blogger.

Anyone else up for a meet-and-greet? If Mark can come from Austria… 😉

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