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Some specific memories about the North Mall and its interior

The former North Mall (now The Crossroads shopping center in Manchester Township) continues to be one of the biggest sources of memories I receive.

Interestingly, these are some of the most specific memories I’ve ever heard; I wonder if it’s because this is a little more recent – as in, within my lifetime? I’m not sure, but they’re fun; keep them coming!

Stacy Ferencz writes, “I love reading these posts. I was wondering if anyone remembers, in addition to the many shops located at the North Mall, some of the other interesting features of the mall. As a kid I can remember the series of stairs and ramps that connected the upper level of the shopping center to the enclosed lower level and entrance to JM Fields. They were covered with indoor/outdoor carpeting and were a blast to run up and down while parents were shopping! There were also up and down escalators, a regular set of stairs and an elevator. You could look over the railing at the top near the Orange Julius stand and see the hair salon below.”

She continues, “There was also a very unusual piece of art on the upper level near the old Bon Ton entrance. It was a large structure with lots of metal prongs that had white, ping pong ball-looking lights on the ends. I would love to know if anyone has any photos of the inside of the mall.”

Any ideas? I’d love to see some too!

Anyway, it turns out the ramp Stacy mentions was a major deal, and I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t remember it until I started reading all these comments to jog my memory.

Tim Harvey writes, “Speaking of the North Mall, does anybody remember the really neat ‘ramp’ like structure they used to have there? I remember being there as a kid, drinking an Orange Julius, and running down the ramp as it made its way down to the lower level! It seemed really big then, but maybe that’s because I was still a kid!”

Nancy K. was funny – she started her letter the same was as Tim! “Speaking of the North Mall, does anyone remember the really long ramp at the one end near I think GC Murphy’s that would take you from the top floor to the bottom? I remember running around and around and when you almost got to the bottom, there were about 10 steps? It was all carpeted and as a small child it was quite fun. Good Memories!”

Kim Sn writes, “One of my earliest memories of shopping malls is of the North Mall and the escalator. It was my first experience riding one and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I would get so excited when it was time to visit the S&H Green stamp store because it meant a ride on the escalator and an Orange Julius afterwards.”

Peter King had some great family info about the North Mall. He writes, “My grandparents owned a small store called John Romaine handbags which was located in the North Mall on the upper level. I often would go down to the Orange Julius and get a strawberry Julius. Our whole family would eat at the Horn and Horn quite regularly. There was not much else at the mall but it was a fun place.”

Scott C. had some info on one particular place that was even more recent – as in, after the North Mall became “Manchester Crossroads,” I believe. We’ve talked a little about this place before, in fact! He says, “The Italian Oven was a part of a chain. The York location opened in July 1993. The chain filed for bankruptcy in early 1997 and the York location closed in the fall of that year. Irving’s Shoe Fly is now located where the Italian Oven used to be.”

Scott also had some earlier memories. He says, “I can remember going to the North Mall with my mom one time when I was little. We went to the S&H Green Stamp store (we would get Green Stamps at Weis) and stopped at a candy store. The S&H Green Stamp store later moved to a shopping center on White Street in West York. The Burlington Coat Factory moved to the York Mall and has since been converted to Penn National Off-Track Betting.”

He continues with a list of some of the area’s other tenants through the years: “County Market, Radio Shack, Jo-Ann Fabric, Italian Oven, Stauffer’s of Kissel Hill (relocated to Dover), Wild Bird Center, Horn & Horn Smorgasboard, Leslie’s Swimmming Pool Supplies among others. In recent years the Linens ‘N Things was replaced by HH Gregg, an LA Fitness added next to the Penn Nation OTB, and a Cici’s Pizza franchise opened.”

Thank you all for such fun memories! I’m really hoping this sparks some folks to dig up any photos of this mall’s interior; that would be awesome.

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