Only in York County

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Some possible additions to our detailed map of downtown stores

Back in June, you might remember we shared an incredibly detailed map of former downtown York stores put together by Richard Staub of the Dallastown area, working together with his wife, Cheryl, and his sister Jean.

Today’s letter comes from Karl Zimmermann of Springettsbury Township. He added some businesses that he believes filled in some of the emptier spaces in the map, which you can see again below.

Between Bear’s Department Store and Gehly’s (Gehley’s?) on the north side of West Market Street, he said, were Sullivan’s Jewelry, Walker’s Menswear and Dale Drug.

On East Market Street, between Murphy’s and Morris Drug, Karl said he believes were the YWCA Cafe and the Chamber of Commerce.

And next to the Lafayette Club, Karl recalls, was the home office of Farmer’s Insurance Company, now on Eastern Boulevard in Springettsbury Township.

Do those ring a bell to anyone else? I’ve tried to add any that were missing to our stores and restaurants of the past directory, too, but would love to hear more.