Only in York County

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Since I brought it up…

What about butter bread? And dippy eggs? And sock feet?

These Yorkisms seem to stem from yet another chance to drop a word or a syllable. Not “feet with socks” or “bread with butter” for us. No, why not just reverse it and save?

“Dippy eggs” would be slightly different, but since it’s basically an over-easy egg, it’s “egg with dip” and you should definitely dip the toast in the runny yolk!

As far as butter bread, I read that it’s from the Penna Dutch butterbrot, which follows the German language’s habit of attaching an adjective right in front of a noun to make a single word.

By the way, as a side note? Don’t do a Google search for “sock feet.” I got a LOT of frightening foot fetish sites and nothing relating to the local phrase. 🙂

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