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Showbiz Pizza… where a kid can be a kid!

Spent a good part of Sunday morning at Chuck E. Cheese in Springettsbury Township for the birthday party of my “honorary nephew,” Brayden.

In between eating our bacon pizza (yum) and playing Deal or No Deal video games (I did NOT make good deals), we got to talking about the history of Chuck E. Cheese.

We were remembering the old commercials… “Chuck E. Cheese… where a kid can be a kid!” And, even before that, it was “Showbiz Pizza…” with the same tagline.

It hasn’t been Showbiz since I was in elementary school. But it’s strange how we all remembered that.

3 comments on “Showbiz Pizza… where a kid can be a kid!

  1. Isn’t Showbiz Pizza the place where they had a free animatronics show with a bear as the star? I remember taking my two sons there many times when they were little. Great times and a great place that was.

  2. There was a Showbiz pizza parlor where part of J M Fields was in the North Mall. Went back one day and everything was gone, including the name sign. Believe I might still have tickets for same

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