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Shoo-fly redux

So now, not only have I not tried shoo-fly pie, but I’ve learned that there is a difference between a “wet-bottom” and a “dry-bottom” crust on such a pie.

Megan writes: “My grandmother made dry bottom Shoo-Fly pie when I was growing up, and I have to say, it’s always been one of my favorite desserts. Do not attempt to sit down at the table with a slice without a big glass of milk!”

Mark (and are we surprised, here?) prefers the wet-bottomed kind. “Wet bottom is just that, soft cooked or uncooked crust that soaks up the filling, YUM YUM!!! I grew up on my great-grandmother’s old Mennonite Shoo-Fly Pie and she made both kinds (she also lived to be 102!). So, I’ll throw that one out there and let’s see what you all think. Personally, I prefer wet-bottom, and of course, who can resist anything with King Syrup!!!!”

What I want to know is, in my previous post, which is my recipe for? I’d kind of like to know before I make it!

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