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See some amazing Christmas lights in Manchester Township

We wish we'd brought the good camera, but were pleased with this image from my husband's cell phone of a house in Manchester Township lit up for Christmas.

Sunday night, after a very interesting and fun impromptu Christmas pageant at my mom’s church, our family of four took a drive around the area to see what Christmas lights we could find.

There were tons that were very nice, including many in The Ridings neighborhood off Sunset Lane and Derry Road in West Manchester Township. But the ABSOLUTE award has to go to two Manchester Township families for their displays.

The first – and what we were sure was going to be a winner – was the display seen above.

This home was on Bridle Court in Manchester Township. This house backs up onto Greenbriar Road, and you can’t possibly miss its lights if you’re coming down Greenbriar from Roosevelt; they’ll be the huge, bright complex on your left not too far after Church Road.

The photo above is a look at the house from the front, but the back is equally decorated. This house definitely won for “prettiest” display – for having so much, it was incredibly tasteful and nice-looking. We sat and examined it for some time.

Then, as we were winding our way “the long way” out of that neighborhood, we came upon another house, which our 11-year-old daughter Sarah deemed the winner.

While at a glance this might seem like fewer lights than seen in the photo above, you have to realize that these lights are in constant motion, timed to music. It's hard to get a good picture - especially with just a phone camera - but there are 30,000 lights in all!

This house, at 1195 Hambiltonian Way in the same development, is home to Linburg Lights, a display of 30,000 lights synchronized to its own radio station.

This is an amazing setup. You can vote for what song plays next (use your smartphone to go to while you’re there), and you can even pick up a brochure while you’re there. See for even more info, including videos from previous years. (There are more videos and photos on their Facebook page as well.)

Whether you’re in the area or from a farther-away part of the county, I have to say, these two homes are worth your time.

Do you know of any other places with can’t-miss lights? We’re trying to collect info on the best light displays in the county on our map here. If you know of one, please let us know!

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