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Scrapple, scrapple, scrapple, scrapple

The Christmas and post-Christmas rush has finally died down, so my hubby found time to make himself some yummy Habbersett’s scrapple recently.

Last time we talked scrapple, I mentioned that we’d heard from some more readers from abroad on this meat delicacy, and after hearing from them, we started talking again about the syrup-on-scrapple idea and where it’s best purchased from.

Jo recently got herself a pound of it from Sensenig’s. She says, “I eat mine with Giant’s syrup, but any syrup will do.”

My friend Linda says, “We ate scrapple when I was growing up on a farm in Maryland… fried and with syrup (King syrup for everyone but me). Then one butchering day I watched them make it and that ended my scrapple eating forever. I never ate the ‘puddin’ either but it was there. I guess I’m the black sheep of my German heritage. 🙂 Now, give me a good plate of Sauerbraten and mashed potatoes with gingersnap gravy and I’m a happy camper.”

From Mark in Austria: “Scrapple without King Syrup is just fine. It’s just a preference of topping. Sometimes, butcher-fresh scrapple is best without anything on it. And now I see that Connie is also here in Europe. How cool is that, 2 readers and commenters from PA Dutch country, living in and around our region’s heritage origins. Those were some great insights she gave to this post and I’ll have to keep tabs on the German foods she writes about and see if I can find and sample them too.”

I agree with Mark – it’s awesome to know that we’re helping to connect former Yorkers with people still in the area! Seriously cool. Next we might have to start a service shipping York County care packages!

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