Only in York County

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Scenes from the southern half of York County

Remember how I said I spent my “staycation” about a week and a half ago hanging out around York County?

I showed you some of my fun earlier, and today, I’ve got some more neat photos to share. All of these were taken south of Route 30, so I say we’re themed to the “southern half” of York County!

The mosaic overlooking Kiwanis Lake in Farquhar Park

Me at the Seven Valleys entrance to the rail trail
(Objects in foreground are SMALLER than they appear!)

Sarah with one of the trains at the New Freedom station, also along the rail trail

The Hanover Theater (read more here)

Charles G. Summers Jr. cannery mural, also in New Freedom

Tomorrow, we’re going to be talking more about the area near one of these landmarks; I’ll leave you to guess which one!

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