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Sad news for corn-lovers

In this photo from July 2005, Swamp Fox farm owner Steve Klesse throws a few ears of sweet corn into a bin while picking some of his early season corn.
Many of you, like my faithful reader and tipster Jo, have told me nothing is better than fresh York County sweet corn. I’m not a corn fan myself, but it’s my daughter’s favorite vegetable, and so the news that Jo shared with me tonight really is a bit sad.
The Palm Beach Post reports that the “father of sweet corn” has died.
Emil Wolf was 89, and his life’s work included, the Post story says, “developing the SH2 gene for the crisp, sweet Florida Staysweet corn hybrids that are the genetic foundation for the super sweet hybrids that dominate the marketplace.”
Basically, Professor Wolf was why your corn tastes so darn good. You can read his obit here, and hopefully you’re willing to have another ear or two in his memory sometime soon.

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