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Rutsch or rutch – Either way, this Yorkism continues to slide around!

I have to thank my sister Linda, who was NOT born and raised in York County, but who has lived here long enough to pick up on some great Yorkisms. She brought up “rutching” again last week, as we gathered to celebrate Christmas, when she was talking about her dog squirming around in bed.

Well, that reminded me of something that was included in the most recent copy of the Pennsylvania Dutch Heritage Group’s newsletter. As you see below, it’s from “The Comprehensive Pennsylvania German Dictionary” and shows not only the Pa. Dutch spelling of “rutsche,” but also a poem about it! (If my husband told me I was as lovely as milk and blood, though, we’d have to talk. So I don’t recommend sharing this with your spouse.)

Rutsche or rutchy clipping from Pa. Dutch Heritage Group newsletter

If you missed it, some earlier talk about being “rutchy” or “rutschy” is here and here.

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