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Memories of 7 Cousins and its founder, Robert Freedman


I’m starting out today’s post with special good wishes to my own mom and to all the moms of York County and beyond. You are loved!

But the funny part is – today, I’d like to share memories of one of our readers’ father!

Marta Freedman recently wrote after seeing this October post about 7 Cousins restaurant, which, in its history, was also run under the names of Archie’s, Hap Miller’s, Cicero’s and more!


Marta wrote, “My father, Robert Freedman, started the 7 Cousins, and before that, the Embers.”


“You can see a full page article on him and all his restaurants from the November 9, 1974 edition of the York Daily Record on the front page of the Family Section.”

Marta had a great photo of the page that she shared with me; you can see it in three parts with today’s post. And she also shared some neat memories!

She writes, “My dad would bring us home spare ribs from 7 Cousins Oriental and boy were they good!”

She adds, “He also started the first dinner theater in York and was maitre’d at the York Little Theater. And to Karen Boyle, no doubt it was my dad you referred to as the well dressed maitre d’. He was so handsome in his three piece suits with cufflinks. My grandma, his mom, was the charming red-headed coat check lady. I really miss both of them.”


This was a neat story to hear, and it was fun in another way, too. If you look closely, you’ll see that this page was designed by Linda Weiner Seligson – who is now cultural director at the York JCC, but who was a great friend and mentor to me in my earlier years at the YDR, where she worked into the early/mid-2000s!

What a fun Only in York County!

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