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Ask Joan: Happy Thanksgiving edition

I’m writing this week’s Ask Joan a bit early because of the Thanksgiving holiday (coincidentally, next weekend is also my birthday, so I’ll be out of town after the holiday as well.

I’m grateful as always to have a chance to share memories and seek information with you.

What’s inside

1. Downtown York location, name questions
2. Remembering The Stereo Kings downtown
3. Seeking White Swan barbecue recipe
4. Where was downtown Food Fair?
5. A photo mystery, with sashes

1. Can you recall a Discorama record store on North George Street in the early 1960s that subsequently moved to East Market later that decade? My friends were in disagreement over dates and location. Also, what was at the location of southwest corner of Pine and Philadelphia Street across from the Children’s Home in the 1960s? I seem to recall some hippie establishment there. Anyone?
– William Stambaugh

William, what is weird is that I swear I have personally written about Discorama (or Disc-O-Rama, as I sometimes see it) in the past on this blog, but I cannot find a single such post now that I’m looking. So I’d be very interested in revisiting this topic!

2. Anyone remember Saul and Dale Kessler, “The Stereo Kings?” Store was located in the second block of South George if I remember correctly. I bought my first “real” stereo there in 1969. It was a Sony turntable with amp and 2 speakers. Price was $169, which equates to over $1,100 in today’s money. The sound quality was astounding compared to the portable phonograph I was using.
– John Scullin

So here we move a couple of blocks away, still talking about music! We’ve shared memories in the past of Kessler’s record store on South George Street, but I don’t think I’d previously heard much about their stereos. Does anyone else recall that facet of the business?

3. I grew up in York and loved the pork BBQ from the White Swan. Are there any recipes around for that menu item?
– Pat Burgmeyer

I am always on the lookout for recipes from former York eateries, and have had mixed success with previous requests. Anyone have this White Swan barbecue for Pat?

4. Where was the Food Fair grocery store located in York City in the ’50s? I think maybe on Philadelphia and Beaver Street. I am sure it was in downtown York. Thanks much!
– Carole Stabley

We’ve talked about Food Fair several times in the past, and the downtown location that we’ve discussed was at West Philadelphia and Beaver streets, where the parking deck is now. There were others, which you can read about in that post, but that’s likely the downtown location you remember, Carole!


5. I recently connected with someone who sent this picture to me. My grandmother, Catherine Ulrich McGurk, is on the left. There was no notation on the pic as to where it is from or what they were doing. I can only guess volunteer work. Can you or your readers shed any light on the sashes and what they may have been doing?
– Sue Grove

By zooming in, I can read that the sashes say something that starts with “Let Me Hold Your…” Some searching online hasn’t turned up any reference to these that I can find, but hopefully someone recalls this. I’m unsure of the time period, but any thoughts on that are welcome as well.

Have questions or memories to share? Ask (or Tell) Joan using the form at right. I’ll attempt to answer or share them in a future “Ask Joan” column on this blog. I get a large volume, but I will feature three each week and answer as many as possible!