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Receipts from York, PA, businesses of the past


Some time ago, Lorie Redding, a friend from a church my family used to attend, shared some images with me of receipts from former York County businesses.

“My mom, Rosella Linebaugh, still has some of the receipts from the furniture her and my dad, Glenn Linebaugh, purchased when they were just married,” Lorie wrote. “We thought you might find them interesting.”

In addition to those pictured, Lorie made me a list of some of the other receipts saved by her mom, and the years. These will be a great addition to our “Stores and restaurants of the past” directory!

They included:

  • D.R. West: An appliance store, 1948 receipt, 16 E. Princess St., York, PA, phone 5764
  • Crone’s Furniture and Appliances: 1947 receipt, 21 N. Main St., Dover, PA
  • Hoover’s Furniture Company: 1947 receipt, 132-34 W. Market St., York, PA , phone 5715
  • H.H. Haugh: Dealers in new and used furniture, heaters and ranges, 1947 receipt, 26-28 S. Pershing Ave., York, PA, phone 45487
  • New York Organ and Piano Co.: D.S. Everhart and Son, proprietors, 1948 receipt, 113-115 S. George St., York, PA
  • YFC: Was this a furniture and appliance store? The 1948 receipt is for a breakfast set and mixer, listing proprietor Harry Perez, 217 W. Market St., York, PA, phone 2973
  • City Floor Covering: 1948 receipt, 272 W. Market St., York, PA, phone 39194
  • Royal Jewelers: 1948 receipt, 103 West Market St., York, PA


Lorie, I’m so glad you shared these with us. What a great spark for more memories of these businesses!

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