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Reader responses: French-fry condiments

You might remember a couple of weeks back, I asked what your favorite condiment was for french fries.

I got lots of answers.

Of course, there’s ketchup. That’s my choice for fry condiment. But I’m open-minded, so I accepted other answers too.

Joe mentions the “disgusting combo of ketchup and mayo.” I think he’s right… that’s disgusting. But I’ve seen it done!

Jo says vinegar. If you’ve walked by a Bricker’s fries stand at the fair or any other local event, you’ve definitely smelled this one. (Although I know people who swear that vinegar is only for Thrasher’s Fries at the Ocean City, Md., boardwalk, not for “local fries.”)

Mark likes his with Old Bay; I think that’s a good choice. He also mentions vinegar (and Thrasher’s!), as well as melted cheese “stuff,” and ketchup.

In an earlier comment, though, Mark brought up the most interesting french-fry topping. This one, my friend Kara likes.

It’s… Wendy’s Frostee (vanilla, right Kara?) as a dip for fries.

My personal opinion on that one? EWWWWW!!! But Mark mentions a good reason behind the Frostee-Fries combo. I’l leave you in suspense for today… more on that topic tomorrow!

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