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Radio in York County: Memories of Q-106

Our recent look at radio history in York County definitely brought out a lot of memories.

One reader, Brenda Neff, writes in: “I worked at that ‘Q’ (Q-106) station which was a ‘W’ station (WNOW) from 1971-1981 and remember Hurricane Agnes very well. No music was played and I just fielded calls from people looking for sump pumps and relaying the info to announcers from people that had them to lend out. The control room floor was ankle-deep in water and the station was located on top of a high hill, high enough to see the TMI cooling towers when all of that was going on too. We’ve had several Q-106 get togethers in recent times and I still keep in touch with many of my former coworkers, both locally and all over the country. It was a fun job and we were a close group. It’s what made it work and kept us at #1 for so many years.”

Thanks, Brenda, for sharing! Any other former Q-106 employees reading out there?

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