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Radio history intertwined with one family’s personal history

Maybe you’ve figured it out by now, but I love sharing in your memories of York County. It’s not really about the places or the stores or the restaurants – it’s your stories about them that I most love.

So a comment I received on my most recent post on York County’s radio history really made my day. It’s not the radio that’s the interesting thing – it’s the story.

John Loeper, who’s been contributing a lot to my radio knowledge, wrote, “A note about Q106 radio. My wife, Barb, was actually the very first female air personality on both WNOW (were she did news) and Q106 were she did a weekend DJ air shift. She used the name Barbara Stevens on the air. Later she also worked for the news department at WSBA using her real name, Barbara Kosco. WSBA is where we met. She was AM and I was FM. Can’t believe that was 33 years ago.”

As someone who met my spouse at work – hello, sports editor my husband! – this story really resonated with me. And hearing that they’ve been together 33 years? That’s awesome.

Thank you, John, for sharing, and many good wishes for more years together from all of us at Only in York County!!

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